Q + A: Tipping Tips

26 08 2007

Q: What are the tipping conventions for vendors?
A: Tips are not mandatory – they are an extra thank-you for a job well done. But unless your vendors screw up royally, it is customary to tip, just as you would in a restaurant. Check whether a gratuity or service charge is built into your fee – if it is, you do not need to add anything. But do plan on tipping your hair and makeup pros (15-20 percent), delivery people (about $10 apiece, in cash), officiant ($100-$200 or donate to the ceremony site), and parking, coat check, or restroom attendants ($1 per car or guest), waitstaff $20 each, plus more for the manager or headwaiter), and bartenders (10 percent of total liquor bill). Good news: Your bridal salon, cake baker, florist, stationers, and party rental company will not expect tips.


Q + A: Consultant Cost

26 08 2007

Q: We’re not sure if we can afford the services of a wedding consultant, but we definetly need the help. What are our options?
A: The good news: Skilled wedding consultants are trained to work within a variety of budgets, and because of their connections and expertise they are often able to save you money. Another tip: You don’t have to hire a consultant to plan your entire celebration. Many couples schedule a consultation where the planner provides a blueprint – usually a preparation guide and a list of vendors. You can also hire a consultant to oversee things on the evening before and day of the wedding. And some professionals offer their services on an hourly basis for short-term tasks like location scouting and advising on caterers and florists.